Ricoh launches limited-edition GR III ‘GRowING’ kit in China, with green accents and accessories

Ricoh has announced the release of the GR III ‘GRowING’ ING Edition Special Limited Kit, a nature-inspired set that adds green accents to the compact camera as well as a collection of matching accessories.

The GR III ‘GRowING’ ING Edition Special Limited Kit is available only in China and isn’t set to hit shelves until November 2021. The kit sees the standard GR III camera get a green wrap around the grip of the camera, as well as a matching ring around the lens and shutter button.

In the machine-translated press release, Ricoh says green was selected as a means of ‘symbolizing new life in the traditional GR black, just like creative green buds that are constantly sprouting in the dark night, which releases inspiration anytime and anywhere.’

Marketing speak aside, the kit also includes exclusive accessories, including a limited-edition hot shoe cover with the ‘GRowING’ insignia, a custom green leather camera bag and a green leather camera strap. The camera will also show custom shutdown image on the rear LCD display with the ‘GRowING’ logo.

Ricoh says this is the first product for its ‘GRowING project,’ but there’s little information on this initiative from Ricoh. The only information we get is from the machine-translated press release, which reads:

‘Ricoh Imaging solemnly promises that for every product included in the “GRowING” project sold, 200 yuan will be donated to help young people grow up, so that young people can see a different world, embrace different excitement, and grow.’

We have contacted Ricoh for additional information on this initiative and will update the article accordingly when we find out more. The GR III ‘GRowING’ ING Edition Special Limited Kit is expected to ship in November 2021 for 7,599 yuan (~$1,200).