The Ricoh GR II’s firmware has been updated to version 1.10 from version 1.0.5. The update is a basic one, improving the camera’s ‘stability for general performance’ and bringing version 1.0.5 of the Image Sync software. The firmware download is available for Windows and Mac OS X from Ricoh Japan’s website.

According to Ricoh’s website, camera owners can check their device’s firmware version with the following steps:

  • [1] Turn ON the camera.
  • [2] Press MENU/OK button and press Fn1 button.
  • [3] Press WB button to display [Set-up ] menu screen.
  • [4] Press flash button and Select [Confirm Firmware Version].
  • [5] Press flash button.
  • The firmware version for camera is displayed on the [Confirm Firm Version] screen.

Users can update, if needed, to version 1.10 following the steps detailed on Ricoh’s website.