Roger Cicala compares Zeiss and Canon 135mm f/2 lenses


LensRentals’ Roger Cicala has published an interesting comparison of the Zeiss ZE 135mm F2 APO-Sonnar and the Canon 135mm F/2L lens, with both optics mounted on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. While you’d expect nothing less than excellent results from the Zeiss optic, just what advantages can the heavier and much more expensive lens offer compared to Canon’s well-regarded prime lens?



Try 135/2.8 M42 Pentacon with 15 aperture leaves…


Both lenses are great at their peak at 5.6-8.0, but at f/2 Canon is pretty lousy, while Zeiss is still pretty good. For most practical purposes Canon is a f/2.8 lens.

mike kobal

call me old fashioned but since I shoot moving subjects I will take the one with AF đŸ˜‰


Review and comparison:


So even if the Zeiss lens is a bit better optically and mechanically, both lenses are superb and it is matter of personal preferences and purpose to choose one over the other.

Seems like there is no bad choice to be made here đŸ™‚


A bit better is the Nikon 85 f1.4G compared to the nikon 85 f1.8G. The Zeiss 2/135 performs at a different level compared to the Canon. The numbers will look even better on higher resolution cameras like the D800e. As a few have pointed out, canons resolution numbers get better but contrast compared to the Zeiss does not even come close. We are talking about two high end lenses, both are good but only one of them is a world class lens.

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