Samsung announces NX2000 mirrorless APS-C camera with Wi-Fi and NFC


Samsung’s latest addition to its line of NX mirrorless cameras, the NX2000, adds Wi-Fi and NFC in a bid to make yet another of its mirrorless cameras compatible with the smartphone world. The 20MP camera’s Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allows setup of Wi-Fi connections with compatible smartphones and tablets by simply tapping the devices together. It features a large 3.7-inch 1152k-dot touchscreen LCD, offers 8fps continuous shooting and Full HD video recording. Priced around $649.99, the camera will be available as a kit with the 20-50mm lens and a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in white, black and pink. There is currently no information about its European price and availability.

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Press Release:

Samsung Expands Award-winning NX Line with the Samsung SMART Camera NX2000 Capture your world in superior quality and share your story with total ease

Ridgefield Park, N.J. – May 1, 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and convergence technologies, today announced a new addition to its award-winning NX family, with the launch of the NX2000. A stylish, slim compact system camera (CSC), the NX2000 combines outstanding, professional results with revolutionary Samsung SMART Camera technology. Photos and movies can be captured with ease and immediately shared with friends and family in stunning clarity.

“Combining consumer demand for quality photography with the increasing desire for instantaneous sharing has become a focus for our NX range,” said Sun Hong Lim, Senior Vice President and Head of Sales & Marketing, Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics. “The NX2000 builds on this theme to offer a stylish model which caters to the needs of today’s aspiring photographers who love to share their lives on social networking sites. Ideal for the everyday photographer who wants to capture their world, the NX2000 allows users to express themselves and share their beloved stories with ease with the people who matter.”

Impressive Photos Made Easy
The large 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor in the NX2000, produced entirely by Samsung in-house, produces extremely sharp and highly detailed images. Even in low light conditions, images burst with color. Designed to continuously deliver high quality images, the NX2000’s capabilities are boosted by its DRIMe IV engine which works to reduce noise, improve speed and enable superior color reproduction.

With 8fps fast continuous shooting, the NX2000 can effortlessly keep up with the fast pace of life today, so that no moment is missed. Whether the subject is quickly moving or the photographer is on the run, the 1/4000th second top shutter speed makes taking clear, blur free images an achievable task, while the wide ISO range (100 to 25600) helps to deliver images that are beautifully balanced, regardless of the light conditions. The NX2000 works faster and harder to capture every detail, so people can re-live stories in dynamic realism.

Take Control of Your Images
Ease of use is intrinsic to the NX2000 and the large 3.7-inch WVGA Full Touch Screen provides a convenient and intuitive navigation tool to access a range of features. Slim and modern, the bright screen is simple and quick to use, making it easier than ever to control all aspects of the camera. SMART mode provides even more options to aid you in taking the perfect shot, offering 14 different scene modes, a selection of settings which reflect your shooting environment and needs. Users can take photos of fast-moving subjects, such as a child running with Action Freeze or capture everyone’s “good side” with Best Face which takes five consecutive photos and lets the user select the best facial expression of each person in the picture. Users simply select the mode that fits their needs and enjoy the expert results.

With a choice of 12 interchangeable lenses, aspiring photographers have improved control over the images they shoot with the NX2000. From ultra-compact pancake lenses and versatile zooms, to a premium portrait lens and a macro lens, the wide lens selection only enhances the photographic experience. Samsung’s innovative i-Function system allows users to further unleash their creativity by controlling various settings with the lens, such as the aperture or shutter speed, so professional-quality images are more achievable than ever.

Breathing life in to images, the 3D Still and Movie Recording capabilities of the NX2000, when coupled with Samsung’s 45mm 2D/3D lens (sold separately), bring an added element of realism to photos and videos, which can be replayed and enjoyed on compatible 3D TVs. Full HD Video Recording ensures that movies retain the same level of detail, color and quality as stills, so users can view their story just the way it happened.

Connect Your World
Enhanced Wi-Fi Connectivity is at the heart of the NX2000, enabled by Samsung’s SMART CAMERA 2.0 technology, offering a host of functions which make it easy to share and store images directly from the camera. The Samsung SMART CAMERA App, available on both Android and iOS platforms, provides a streamlined way of linking smart devices, ensuring that every tech savvy user’s treasured memories are stored without fuss. AutoShare sends photos, as they are taken, directly from the NX2000 to a smartphone or tablet, via a direct Wi-Fi connection. Special memories can be shared instantaneously from the smartphone when users aren’t connected to an access point, and images are also instantly backed up for those who are constantly on the go and don’t have time to worry about storage.

The integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology seamlessly links the NX2000 to many NFC-enabled Android smartphones and tablets. Simply tap the camera with the smart device and NFC immediately launches the Samsung SMART CAMERA App and automatically pairs the device via a direct Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, users can sync their favorite social website, such as Facebook, to the dedicated Direct Link hot key, for menu-free simplified sharing with the touch of one button.. True to its commitment to capturing professional quality images, the NX2000 also includes Adobe(r) Photoshop(r) Lightroom(r) 4, bolstering its offering to advanced photographers. With an array of tools, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the essential photography workflow application allowing photography enthusiasts and professionals to enhance, organize and share photos.

Pricing and availability
The NX2000 (MSRP: $649.99) will be available in white, black and pink from authorized Samsung retailers nationwide and at

Samsung NX2000 specifications

 Samsung NX2000 additional Images



So………can we use the tablet display in place of the EVF? Would come in handy for semi-remote camera operation…as well as an app for remote focus, shutter, etc.


Samsung treats its cameras like its cellphone. The same crap wrapped in new exterior with more gimmicks. How about slowing down the release schedule and actually provide useful improvements. Also, provide firmware updates.


Except the buffering problems, what’s wrong with the NX series cameras, as still cameras? Basically nothing. Much better lenses than Sony Nex cameras, and in a couple of cases better lenses than the Fuji X system.


Still a crappy sensor. As for lenses, go to the NEX forum and Fuji-X forum to tell them your joke.


The 20-50 lens is looking rather long in the tooth. It was an early attempt to create a compact aps-c lens but the zoom range is truncated and there is no stabilisation. It does look bit to me a bit of the latest thing in cameras but with an ancient lens bolted on to it. The 20-50 is a very competent lens but I would have thought Samsung could have manged to produce a folding 18-55 or even wider by now or at least a 20-50 with stabilisation.


So? There’s the 18mm–55mm stabilized lens.


One more thing – I highly doubt this camera could take the picture of the jumping girl shown in the promo material. Maybe with some mega luck, if you happen to have the lens pre-focused at the correct distance – 0.001% chance. False advertising by Samsung.


You have a point that NX cameras aren’t for sports, but I had no real trouble getting skate boarders in the air with the NX100 and the 50-200mm zoom.


4 more buttons to go, guys!!! We are getting close to perfection. We don’t need physical controls on a camera. Screw the EVF, we have NFC. Technology is great.


LOL @ sarcasm 😉


Good to see more choice, but where’s the built-in EVF?

Andy Westlake

It’s on the NX20.


Glad to see more choice, but where’s the FF sensor?

In hydraulis

Aye, choice.

Samsung is free to produce different lines of products at different price points and boasting different features and capabilities.

You are free to choose the best one for you. As Andy says, the NX10/11/20 line is the built-in EVF offering.

Assuming you want APS-C or larger and an EVF, built-in or available as an attachment, you’re looking at:

– Samsung’s NX20 (or an older model)
– Sony NEX6/7
– Sony’s α range (inc. FF α99!)
– Sony RX1
– Fuji X100, X100S, X-Pro1, X-E1
– Ricoh GXR w/ APS-C module
– the new Leica M

Choice indeed! Now please ease off the snark.

(No doubt I’ve missed one, feel free to jump in if you think of something.)



Well full frame cameras would require new lens development. And Samsung already has very good lenses for this system, unlike Sony and the Nex system.


Good specs and included NFC / Wifi, shame that GPS wasn’t added as well (having option in camera to turn on / off). These are the features that Nikon should be adding rather than charging £££ for it, it is good Canon added WIFI & GPS to 6D for free.


Official announcement today of:

Open Season On Mirrorless APS-C cameras.

Brand Requirements: None

Winners: Consumers

Future Winners: Tightwad Customers.



Is it a typo in specifications or this camera accepts only MICRO SD cards? Micro SD is way to small and fiddly for regular use.

Andy Westlake

Samsung’s spec sheet says Micro SD only. At this point they’re probably working on the principle that with Wi-Fi, you don’t need to take the card in and out to tranfer your files.


Most Samsung Android devices accepts microSD also. So, some alignment there.


Not surprised if true. This is not a real camera, it is an accessory for your Samsung device in Samsung’s marketing plan.


There is pink- and then there is Samsung pink! It has to be a knock off. No major electronics manufacturer would ever attempt to sell anything that looks like this.

As for the price – no worries: it will be available for $399 by mid-July 2012 with a free Android tablet thrown in.


Why not built in flash again?


$650 vs NEX-3N $450 in Amazon

idiot would buy this


I have a NEX 3n right now I am reviewing, it is a nice camera, but lacks in several ways, including small and low resolution rear display, no hot-shoe, no Lightroom 4 license, no Wi-Fi, no touchscreen, to me the NX2000 looks like the better buy. The screen on the NX200/NX300 is huge compared to the NEX 3n, and the camera not much bigger.

Marcin 3M

Pink lightroom for me, please 🙂

Samuel Dilworth

Why does every new Samsung sport yet another design? The company is downright schizophrenic!


bacchanalia of Samsung 20 MP gadgets…


It’s available in pink. That pretty much says it all.

In hydraulis

Awww, why so serious?

Samsung cordially invites you to lighten up.

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