Slideshow: Winners of the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2021 competition

Winners of the annual Nature TTL Photographer of the Year competition were recently announced for 2021. Over 8,000 images were received from around the world. Canadian photographer Thomas Vijayan received the grand prize for his image ‘The World is Going Upside Down’ depicting an orangutan looking at his reflection in a body of water below the tree he’s climbing.

‘Thomas’ image is really unique, and immediately stood out to the judging panel,’ said Will Nicholls, Founder of Nature TTL. ‘It’s one of those photos where you can’t skim past it. The unique perspective and composition means you are immediately trying to figure out what exactly you are looking at.’

‘This image means a lot to me because presently the orangutan population is reducing at an alarming rate. Deforestation and humans are the key causes behind this. Trees over 1,000 years old – which are a major asset to our planet — are being cut down for palm oil plantations. As humans, we have a lot of alternative choices to replace the oil, but the orangutans don’t have any options other than losing their home. I am very happy to see this image be successful, as it gives me an opportunity to spread the issue to the wider world,’ says Vijayan of his winning image.

All winning and runner-up images can be viewed in this gallery. Nature TTL also provides free tutorials for nature photographers.