Sony Alpha 7 test scene samples added to first impressions review

@photo nuts
DR and colors issues of EVF are not relevant IMO: you’ll end up with camera DR and colors anyway, not these you see in OVF
Personally, I’m really annoyed with OVF vs final result difference in DSLRs, not to mention the huge difference in OVF’s DOF preview which usually differs too much from the final result. Plus, the DR issue is highly overrated: once you don’t see a subject in shadows, there’s something wrong with your choice: it won’t be seen good enough in final result: you can pull it up in PP, sure, but it won’t look nice anyway compared to the case it would be properly highlighted. Overall, EVF is MUCH better TOOL for most kinds of shooting (with the only exception is some cases where you need as low latency as possible, some kinds of birding, some kinds of sports).

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