Steve McCurry’s ‘Last Roll of Kodachrome’ photos are now live on his blog

Not to be processed but to be shot in the timeline of when the clock ran out. I watched Dwayne shoot his last roll that day as I had 12 frames left to go in one camera and 7 in another.

In early 2005, I contact Dwayne’s son at the lab about this project. I told him I wanted to shoot the film until the very last moment and he said it was a long ways off but OK. So over the years, we kept in touch, I went out to visit with him and my project gained steam:

So on December 30th at the end of the day when it was obvious that Dwayne’s was not going to get through the 15,000++ rolls that had come in, I asked Grant, “OK, so what now?”

He simply replied with a smirk, “Keep shooting!”

So I did and the rest is history….

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