Studio scene comparison pages added to Pentax MX-1 preview


We’ve just added three studio comparison pages to our previously-published preview of the Pentax MX-1. The MX-1 is Pentax’s flagship compact camera, and something of a departure for the manufacturer, offering a fast F1.8-2.5 zoom lens, full manual control and a high-class, metal body, to compete with more established peers like Panasonic’s LX7. Click the links below to go to the new pages in our preview, and see for yourself how the MX-1 compares to its rivals.



Weird. I compared Studio Shots of MX1 and X20. No significant differences. Yet when comparing the real world shot the MX1 images look much better than the X20? Anybody ?


Looks like a nice camera with better than average IQ compared to other enthusiast compacts (except the RX100, of course), and its price seems to be coming down fast (-20% on Amazon right now).


Nicer than I expected. For a new model this is quite competitive with the best existing compacts. I don’t expect it to be a great value, but the fashionable people need cameras, too, and this one is surprisingly good. Much like the Fujifilm XF1, another retro designer bauble that takes good pictures.



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