Suzanne Feinberg Offering SEO Coaching/Mentoring To Three PFRE Readers

SEOSuzanne Feinberg in Scottsdale, AZ correctly pointed out to me today that it has been a very long time since I’ve talked about the PFRE photographer directory from a “what can it do for your business stand point”. So Suzanne wrote a guest post on SEO for real estate photographers and offered to coach three PFRE readers on this subject. If you are interested in Suzanne’s offer contact her via her contact page. Here is her post.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Are you using it effectively to help bring in new clients? Do you want it to be so large that people find you nationally or do you want to be found locally? Have you had any formal training or are you just going it on your own? Did you know that your “ranking” isn’t as important as how easily it is to find your company? These are important issues for the real estate photographer. Larry Lohrman has been great in talking about the physical issues of taking the photo, using appropriate equipment and then processing the images. He does this great for stills and for video. We all have learned so much from this blog.

However, there is one topic that we don’t seem to have enough information on, and that is Search Engine Optimization. This changes constantly as the formulas that Google uses are constantly changing. And, google isn’t the only search engine out there. Did you know that if you have good Bing juice that your google juice will rise?

There are two types of SEO – black and white. You don’t want to do black, you do want to do white. This is not an SEO lesson, but rather to point out how to improve your white SEO. Did you know that has some of the best white SEO on the market today and that if you search generally on a local basis, a lot of times your posting or listing on Larry’s blog/directory is what pops up – a lot of times ahead of your website or linked in or facebook entry?

This is because google formulas look for you based on who is linked to you. If the person linking to you has a higher score than you, then you are very likely to be found in the search and more regularly by the crawlers. How does the blog/directory help your SEO.

Blog – every time you respond to the blog your website (if you choose to put it in the form for the response) is linked on your name in the response. When readers click on your name to see more about you, i.e. Suzanne F. they are connected to your website. Everytime someone connects to your website you improve how google and other search engines look at you. As a plus to other readers, I always click on the responders because it then gives them a BOOST. If you stay on the site or if you go through all the pages, you then improve your rating as well.

Directory – again this is a listing on a site with great SEO. Therefore the link pops up more often than not pretty high on the list and in the search. We get a large number of visits from the directory. How do I know – I use google analytics to see where my hits are coming from. (This directly relates to the May 8th blog announcing Larry’s new directory format)

At PowerVision360 Productions we are not just a company that does real estate photography. We are a complete Commercial multimedia production company. However, real estate photography pays the bills nicely and we love the community and the sharing and learning that we find on this blog.

One of the things we offer is SEO coaching and mentoring to other photographers. Just like we offered two years ago – to give a free business coaching session to 3 readers of this blog, we will do this again for mentoring on SEO specifically designed for real estate.

Suzanne Feinberg
PowerVision360 Productions

Again, If you are interested in Suzanne’s offer contact her via her contact page.

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