The most responsive Sony camera yet: Hands-on with the Sony Alpha 1

The new Sony a1 has landed, and in our limited time with it so far, it looks to be an extremely impressive machine. We’ve taken a short break from our shooting and testing to give you an idea of how it handles and what it’s like to use.

To start with the externals, the a1’s grip is excellent and feels fractionally taller than that of the Sony a9 II and a7R IV; some of us find it easier to wrap all of your fingers around it snugly, as opposed to a pinkie finger hanging off the bottom of the other cameras. This makes the camera feel more secure in the hand (and, we have to say, it feels a little denser than an a9 II as well).

To the left of the Sony logo, you can see both the AF-assist lamp and the new, dedicated white balance sensor first seen on the Sony a7S III. We’ll be delving more deeply into how this new sensor impacts images as we progress through a full review. But for now… onwards!