The New PFRE Worldwide Directory Is Up And Running Check It Out

NewDirectoryNow that the new directory is up and running I wanted to point out some of the cool new features of the new directory:

  • Three types of entries: Just as it’s been for years, there are three types of entries. Standard, Winner (Photographer of the Month winners) and Premium.  Premium entries show up at the top of all directory searches.
  • Shortcuts: The four links West Coast, Middle States, East Coast and Outside US correspond to the four different pages of the old directory.  There are also shortcuts for some states and cities down in the footer.
  • Detailed search: For a more detailed search use the country and state drop downs plus the Name/Website/City search box. People are likely to search by city name just because that’s the area they are likely to find a photographer they need. So you should use your simple city name when you register.
  • More information: This new directory let’s you supply and update your information. It has a free form description area where you can put any text you want about your business. It’s free form so you can put phone numbers email addresses or what ever you want in there. Also, each directory entry has an email form for people to contract you.
  • New PFRE Directory Access for old directory subscribers: I know that old directory subscribers would like to get their login account and password for their directory entry so they can update and change their entry like new subscribers. This coming week (week of 5/13), I’ll be emailing out accounts and passwords to all the old subscribers that I have email addresses for. So be patient, we’ll get everyone taken care of.
  • Click through Stats: Each directory entry shows how many visitors have clicked on your directory entry (left hand number labeled “views”) and how many have clicked the link to your website (right hand number that is labeled “sent out”).
  • Get Listed Now: Anyone who is not logged in to the directory will see the orange “Get Listed Now” button which allows you to sign-up and put yourself in the directory as soon as your payment is authorized.
  • Directory subscriptions: Standard directory entries are $30/year and a Premium directory entry is $40/year. All the feedback I get from the almost 500 photographers currently in the directory indicates that you get business from this directory.
  • Directory Traffic: The directory is currently averaging around 2500 Pageviews a month and with the new directory you’ll be able to see how many of those your directory entry gets and how many viewer click-through to your site.

I’m glad to get the PFRE Directory updated so it is no longer limited. I believe this is a much better directory for half the price it’s been.

Cleanup: There are still a few old invalid entries in the directory which I’m working on cleaning up.

Performance: Yes, during peak periods the PFRE blog is at times slower than it should be. My next step is to get the blog moved to a higher performance server to remedy this. I can’t promise when, but it will be as soon as possible.

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