The Next Big Thing In Video – 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilizer In A Small Package

I just noticed Vincent Laforet’s article on the MoVI handheld stabilizer system being released by Freefly Systems in Seattle. Vincent is the man to go to if you are releasing a big exciting video product and that is what Freefly did. Vincent of course shot Reverie introducing the Canon 5DMKII video back in September 2008.

Here is the intro video that uses MoVI and here is the behind the scenes video that explains how MoVI was used in the video. Pretty amazing stuff! Just in case you are not convinced here is a little clip of Vincent running around with the MoVI.

This release may not be quite as important as the release of the 5DMkII, but it’s got to be right up there. This little device will surely have a huge impact on the moves you can do with a handheld DSLR.

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