This Week In Real Estate Video #52 – Rita Rudner Does Real Estate

Rita Rudner Oceanfront Monarch Bay listed by Harold Noriega (don’t know who shot the video):  Thanks to Johnny Ray in Plant City, FL for giving me the link to Rita Rudner’s delightfully funny little comic walk through tour of her Monarch Bay beach property. She has a fresh unusual style of humor. She could be a comic… but wait, she is a comic! For those of you out there that may not hang out in Las Vegas and have no idea who Rita Rudner is, through the miracle of the  Google I discovered that Rita is a world renown Las Vegas comic and TV actress. I was wondering why her property video had 25,000 + views in just a couple of weeks. Because she’s a celebrity!

Here is a clip of Rita doing stand-up at Harrah’s Club in Las Vegas. So sure, if you list Rita’s property you have her do a personally narrated walk-through!

But look at the Sothebys listing page for Rita’s property. It has a spot for video, but it doesn’t have Rita’s walk through on it instead it has a narrated still slide show. Too bad!

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