Tyler O’Neill, a professional baseball outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals (MLB), gave camera operators a bit of a headache when he shattered a camera lens with a foul ball he hit against Miami Marlins pitcher Sandy Alcantara in yesterday’s game.

On a 0–1 pitch in the top of the second inning, Alcantara delivered a 90mph (145kph) change-up that O’Neill fouled right into a camera behind home plate. Based on the broadcast footage, it appears as though he shattered the front elements of a Fujinon WCV-L85 0.8x Wide Angle Converter lens, which was attached to the front of a Fujinon UA18x7.6BERD broadcast zoom lens. While seeing the shattered elements of the destroyed wide-angle converter is still a little heartbreaking, it’s a little easier on the heart — and wallet — considering the adapter retails for $1,799, compared to the $22,495 price tag of the lens itself.

The game was briefly delayed as the umpires called for the shattered glass to be cleaned up. The Cardinals would go on to win the game 4–2 against the Marlins, putting them up 2–0 in the series, which concludes with a game today.